The Society for Judgment and Decision Making

The Society for Judgment and Decision Making is an interdisciplinary academic organization dedicated to the study of normative, descriptive, and prescriptive theories of judgments and decisions. Its members include psychologists, economists, organizational researchers, decision analysts, and other decision researchers. The Society's primary event is its Annual Meeting, at which Society members present their research. It also publishes the journal Judgment and Decision Making.

View from Vancouver hotel

The 2017 Meeting will take place at the Fairmount Waterfront Hotel in Vancouver, November 10-13.

Information about registration and membership is here.


Changes since the program was completed:

Talk withdrawn from Session 1, Track II: Framing Climate Uncertainty: Frame Choices Reveal and Influence Climate Change Beliefs, by Kause, Astrid (University of Leeds, UK); Townsend, Tarlise (University of Michigan School of Public Health, USA); Gaissmaier, Wolfgang (University of Konstanz)

Replaced with: From Tragedy to Benefit of the Commons: Increasing Stewardship through Psychological Ownership, by Shu, Suzanne (UCLA); Peck, Joann (Univ Wisconsin)

Posters withdrawn from Session 1: 7, 71, 77, 102, 109, 115, 118, 120, 131, 154.

Posters withdrawn from Session 2: 84, 93, 95, 113, 123, 132, 140, 142.

Poster added to Session 1: 158, Deconstructing and Reconstructing Consumers' Trust in Algorithms (was poster 84 in Session 2)


Guidelines for talks and posters.

If you presented, or will present this year, please consider uploading your presentation slides or poster to the SJDM meeting archive:

Here are are the talks and posters from past and upcoming meetings (including submissions for the student-poster award).

Submit your presentation here.

Hotel accommodation and registration:
The Psychonomic Society has negotiated special rates at the conference venue and two nearby hotels: For more information, visit the Psychonomic hotel site. Remember to book your rooms well in advance as these room blocks sell out quickly.
Past and future meetings
The 2016 meeting took place in Boston, MA, November 18-21. Plenary events included a keynote talk on Sunday, November 20th delivered by Linda Babcock. A tribute for Baruch Fischhoff took place on Friday, November 18, to celebrate his achievements and contribution to the field.

Here is the final program.

Tentative schedule for future meetings:
2018 - New Orleans, LA, November 16-19
2019 - Montreal, QC, Canada, November 15-18

SJDM meetings are in tandem with those of the Psychonomic Society, which provides assistance to us in various ways.

Mailing lists:
Members of SJDM are added to the sjdm-members mailing list, which is for communications about society business such as meetings and elections. It also provides a password for the members section of this site and a monthly reminder of it. This is a very low-volumue mailing list. You cannot unsubscribe from it. See the member links (top of this page) for other tools. If you are a member and you are not getting mail about Society elections and other business, please write

The jdm-society mailing list is much higher volume and is open to all for reading and posting, but moderated.

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2016-2017 Executive board

Rick Larrick (, President
Dan Goldstein (, Past President
Chris Hsee (, President Elect
Oleg Urminsky (, Elected Member 2016-2019
Katy Milkman (, Elected Member 2015-2018
Shane Frederick (, Elected Member 2014-2017
Edward Chang (, Student member 2016-2017
Bud Fennema (, Secretary-Treasurer
Jon Baron (, Webmaster
Jon Baron (, Journal Editor
Dan Goldstein (, Newsletter Editor
Suzanne Shu (, 2017 Program Committee Chair

Kate Wessels (, 2016 Conference Coordinator

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